Update – January 2015

Cutting edge, innovative solutions and personalised service.

Operating in the restricted access mini and micropiling sector, our specialist drilling and rotary techniques (up to 750mm in diameter) are also able to compete with conventional big-rig techniques on geotechnically challenging open sites.

Owned and managed by Chartered Engineers, TGS is one of the leading providers of specialist geotechnical solutions in the UK. Our philosophy is to develop our business by working closely with like-minded clients and organisations who share our values and appreciate:

  • The relationship between cost and risk.
  • The importance of geotechnical investigation, supervision, trialling and testing.
  • Benefits of working as a team to secure and deliver projects.

Early Stage Involvement

One common thread with the many complex projects completed by TGS last year is early stage involvement, where we provided feasibility, practical and commercial advice. Following appropriate ground investigation and pre-commencement trialling/testing, we delivered practical and competitive solutions. Managing the process in this way and working closely with engineers and contractors allowed us to reduce costs, increase sustainability and reduce project risk.

DFI Initiatives

Our commitment to innovation is underpinned by our continued involvement with a number of Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) initiatives.

Paul Woodfield has served on the Micropiling Steering Committee for 15 years and has contributed to a variety of technical papers to DFI micropiling conferences, including delivering the Keynote Lizzi Lecture.

More recently, our Technical Director, Kevin Christie, has joined the DFI International Electric Power Systems Working Group. This group of specialists, main contractors and clients across Europe and North America has come together to promote innovation and best practice for piling works associated with new and existing transmission towers.


We welcome any opportunity to deliver our lunchtime CPD Seminar on Specialist Geotechnical Techniques (with free buffet provided).
Alternatively, we are always available at short notice to visit your office or site to provide specific geotechnical and commercial advice on current and future projects.