Update May 2016

Six months and thousands of piles

It’s been nearly six months since our last update and during that period we have achieved record turnover, completed some amazing high-profile projects and made substantial investments in our piling and drilling fleet.

We have completed two complex micropiling projects for major hotel developments, both involving over 500 piles and successfully completed numerous single pile mezzanine solutions in the retail sector. We also carried out piling in a compost process facility with challenging PPE requirements and internal retrofitting at two leading car production plants both in live working environments.

All these projects involved early stage technical, commercial and practical advice, which is a no obligation service TGS provides to all our clients.


Winter Rain leads to Rail and River failures

We have worked in most sectors including infrastructure, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical/chemical and residential. The extraordinary high levels of rainfall over the winter months has led to our involvement in the remediation of a number of high profile river and rail failures.

Our range of services varies from 860/750mm diameter case and auger piles, installed using our Hutte 205 rigs, to small skid mounted Marini masts. The lightweight Marini units are capable of being dismantled and manually handled, to enable access into extremely tight situations.



A recent example of this technology involved the installation of 100mm diameter pali-radice (root piles), to stabilise the corner of a tenement building in Glasgow, which had been dramatically undermined by adjacent building works.

The pali-radice technique was first introduced by the Italian Engineer, Fernando Lizzi in the 1950’s. In his book, he described his guiding principle for the stabilisation and restoration of damaged structures as “First do no harm” – this was certainly appropriate for the Glasgow project.

Earlier this year, TGS acquired a third Boart Longyear DB 102 drilling rig, which together with our percussive Klemm 702, Klemm 708, Klemm 802 and Mini-Sonic rigs, gives TGS a market leading micropiling capability.

All of our micropiling rigs can operate in restricted access/low headroom locations, which is a critical requirement on many of the projects we undertake.

We have also purchased a new Fundex CP25D bottom driven rig, after a rigorous assessment of all the manufacturing options across Europe. This rig is by some distance the best bottom driven rig operating in the UK market, with flexible restricted access capabilities.


508mm diameter & SWL up to 1500kN

We normally install 220mm, 273mm and 323mm diameter bottom driven piles, with safe working loads of up to 300kN, 500kN and 700kN respectively but can now offer diameters of up to 508mm, with safe working loads of up to 1500kN.

The new rig is capable of delivering 250% more energy with a higher frequency of blows, due to a combination of operational automation and use of wireless remote control. It is also the first rig in its class to be fitted with a data acquisition system for recording pile depth, depth per blow, time and penetration speed.

All our recent plant acquisitions move us forward with our goal to lead the UK mini and micropile market.