We are aware that we often work in difficult and dangerous circumstances. 

  • Safety and our values come first.
  • We value the environment.
  • We are accountable to future generations.

Our Goals

The management team and all TechnikGS operators will strive to attain our goal:

To ensure no harm to our employees, our customers, the public or the environment.

We will work safely or not at all. We will not ignore unsafe actions or an unsafe environment.

We will design geotechnical solutions that minimise harm to the local environment.

We will work with our customers as team members.

Training, Health and Safety

These are our main priorities and we pride ourselves on our detailed procedures and systems which are continually developed to achieve optimum results from our external audits.  

We go beyond the industry required CSCS and CPCS competencies to instill an enhanced safety and environmental awareness in our employees. 


In addition to the standard Health and Safety qualifications all our personnel have the EMSS (Essential Minimum Safety Standard) or equivalent accreditation, which is critical for working in the Chemical industry or other high hazard environments.


Furthermore, all our site operatives have the PTS (Personnel Track Safety) qualification required for operating within the Rail Sector. This is backed up by our five star RISQS Accreditation via Audit, which covers all of our operations within the Rail Sector.