OHL Foundation, Stalybridge

LocationStalybridge, Greater Manchester
RequirementBearing piles for new transmission tower
Main ContractorOmexom

Project Overview

Having provided feasibility advice on cost and solution, TechnikGS were contracted to provide the design and construction of the bearing piles for a new electricity transmission tower.

The tower had to be sited adjacent to an existing live substation next to a main road and river.

Project Challenges

  • Logistically difficult working in a restricted area.
  • Proximity to adjacent live overhead electric lines.
  • Complex pile design requiring the analyse multiple load cases.
  • Careful planning for spoil removal and material deliveries.
  • Overcoming local restrictions including adjacent river and main road.

Solution Delivered

Three piles were installed under each of the four tower legs to carry a combination of compression, tension, shear and moment loads. Due to the close proximity to the overhead live cables a Klemm 708 rig was used with a short mast. The 450mm piles were installed with rotary bored technique to a depth of 12m below ground level.

Due to difficult ground conditions and site logistics, neat cement grout was used throughout the project in combination with full depth reinforcement.

TGS had to give careful consideration to the site restrictions needed to ensure the works had no adverse impact on the adjacent river and main road.