Residential Development, Dollis Park

LocationDollis Park, London
RequirementBearing piles to support increased building load
Main ContractorMontway Limited

Project Overview

This multi-storey property was being renovated which involved the reconfiguration of the superstructure and enhancement of the existing foundations.

The works involved piled foundations for additional new independent columns and for upgrading of existing columns.

These works were required to be undertaken within a 3m headroom within the under-croft/ basement.

Project Challenges

  • Restricted access into the building and headroom restriction of 3m.
  • Piles installed within 400mm of existing walls and columns.
  • Strict vibration and noise requirements.

Solution Delivered

The existing pad foundations,located in the under-croft/basement of the existing building,were enhanced by the installation of over 70 piles, using 220mm and 273mm diameter bottom driven piles with capacities of 300kN and 500kN respectively. They were installed to a depth of 10 metres, concreted with a full length bar and a steel reinforcement cage to support the horizontal loads.

When the piling works were complete, the piles were incorporated into the existing pad foundations using reinforced concrete. These piles were installed in a space with an available headroom of just under 3 metres.