The phrase ‘continuing professional development’ (CPD) describes activities undertaken by professionals to ensure their knowledge and skills keep pace with best practice.

CPD has become a vital part of a professional career as a result of:

  • Continuous and accelerating changes in technology.
  • Changes in regulations and procurement practices.
  • Ever increasing specialisation.

Lunchtime Sessions

To help you with your professional development TechnikGS organise lunchtime presentations on specialist geotechnical solutions and Micro Piling.

Who should attend?

The presentation is relevant to anyone interested in geotechnical aspects of building and civil engineering projects.

The CPD Presentation is FREE and includes a lunch buffet.
Attendees also receive a CPD certificate.

Who are the speakers?

Paul Woodfield and Kevin Christie cover the whole of the UK, giving presentations every week.

Session content

Case studies, computer graphics and video footage provide detailed information on a wide range of geotechnical techniques.

We also cover conventional piling and ground improvement systems and explain where each of the processes should be employed and, more importantly, where they should not. This part of the presentation analyses the root causes of why our industry experiences so many problems.

Important issues

We deal with these issues in a constructive way by explaining the importance of:

  • Interpretive Ground Investigation
  • Pile Testing
  • Engineering assessment of tenders – Cost v Risk
  • Supervision and workmanship
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Early involvement of specialist design team


Also covered in the presentations are Specialist Techniques:

  • Cased and Augered Mini piles
  • Bottom Driven Mini piles
  • Drilled Mini piles
  • Micro piles

and Conventional Techniques:

  • Continuous Flight Auger (CFA)
  • Top Driven
  • Large Diameter Piling (LDP)
  • Auger Displacement
  • Vibro Stone Columns

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