The Design Team

In-house design team

TechnikGS is engineer led, with three of the four principals qualified Chartered Engineers.

Kevin Christie (Technical Director) leads the in-house team who create all our designs.

The team use standard theory and state of the art computer analysis software.

We create innovative and efficient geotechnical and structural solutions for our clients.

Optimal solutions

We like to support the delivery team during project planning. Our free technical feasibility advice at this early stage is invaluable. In this way we ensure that our clients have the best possible geotechnical solution.

Testing Solutions

We strongly advocate preliminary trialling and testing where appropriate. By testing to geotechnical bond failure, we can prove our efficient design solutions. This brings significant cost and programme benefits.

Complex solutions

Many of our projects have restricted access requirements and challenging ground conditions. In these circumstances conventional piling techniques are inappropriate.

To handle these challenges requires the correct installation technique. The complex design solutions need a high level of on-site supervision.

Pushing the Bottom Driven Boundaries with innovation

Restricted head room bottom driven piling has not changed for 20 years. Standard diameters of between 168mm and 323mm were the norm.

Last year TGS introduced our Fundex CP25D rig bottom driven rig. The CP25D is capable of installing piling diameters up to 600mm.

This increases the safe working loads from approximately 600kN to 2000kN in compression. There is also an exponential increase in the shear capacity.

Market Leading Plant, Equipment and Systems

Our market leading piling rigs and techniques allow us to put in place the most efficient solutions.

We use rotary bored, bottom driven or drilled techniques to form piles. We are often able to use two or more systems on projects.

Where ground conditions are especially challenging, we use a hybrid installation technique.

Our capabilities include:

Bottom Driven piling with diameters between 168mm and 600mm. Allowing characteristic or safe working loads of up to 2000kN.

The 600mm diameter pile section is possible in 3.5m of headroom.

With excellent axial capacity these piles can also carry significant shear forces.

Rotary bored piling with diameters between 200mm and 880mm. Allowing safe working loads of up to 4500kN.

Drilled piling between 168mm and 450mm diameter with safe working loads up to 3000kN.

Restricted access, low headroom technology innovation

Our piling rigs, the best available in their class, can install these piling types in low headroom and with restricted access.

Our electric powered rigs also enable internal work in sensitive environments.

Our rigs use the most efficient equipment, e.g. the Eurodrill Vibratory Head. This is the latest technology available, and is interchangeable within our fleet.

TechnikGS has also recently manufactured bespoke equipment, giving us the ability to install high capacity piles in a restricted headroom of only 1.5m.