Bottom Driven Mini Piles are formed by driving a crimped closed end, sacrificial thin wall steel casing into the ground using an internal drop hammer.

The internal drop hammer drives onto a dry concrete plug/packer at the toe of the casing and additional casings sections are added as the pile is advanced. These casings are joined using full filleted welds.

When the casing has been advanced to its predetermined design length or more commonly design set, the steel reinforcement is placed and the pile bore is filled with either concrete or grout. As this is a displacement technique, no spoil is produced making it particularly attractive on brown field sites.

This method is a low noise, low vibration technique

in comparison to more conventional driven precast or steel tube techniques and can be used in sensitive environments where the use of driven techniques are generally precluded. Piles installed using this method can also be positioned in very close proximity to existing walls and structures.

The larger section diameters are capable of carrying working loads of up to 750kN in compression.

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